Cement Plastering Tools

Yenal cement plastering tools with their high quality standards are ideal for professional users looking for durability and robustness. Special alloy steel, flexibility and automated production process help us to achieve maximum quality. There are various types and sizes of cement plastering tools suitable for general use. Smooth plaster surface can be obtained by the sponge-rubber plastering float.

Round Tip Trowel with Wooden Handle

  • Hardened spring steel or stainless steel blades.
  • Optimal flexibility to increase work accuracy and comfort.
  • Smooth edges without chips due to automated grinding process.
  • Perfect joining due to automatic metal handle welding and high resistance to any type of stress.
  • Ergonomic handle that increases tool control and precision during work.
  • Wooden handle provides natural, smooth and pleasant grip.

Sponge-Rubber Plastering Float

  • Made of ergonomic and long lasting plastic.
  • Base part is covered with rubber sponge.
  • It is used in finishing and mortar smoothing applications.