You need a durable pick-axe to be able to do digging tasks easily. Yenal pick-axes provide safe and efficient striking-swing performance for professionals thanks to their balanced weight distribution. While forging process increases the strength, hardened tips enable easy penetration into the ground and show wear resistance against impacts. You can choose any alternative weighing pick-axes depending on your task.

We produce high quality products with high quality materials.

  • Original carbon steel.
  • Produced in one piece by forging technique.
  • Heat treatment is applied to the tip and cutting edge. Hardness value at both sides is 45 HRC (+/ – 5) HRC.
  • High strength against deformations and breakage.
  • Industrial paint coated surface.
  • Dried beech or ash handle. Well grinded surface and comfortable usage.

45 (+/-5)

HRC Harndess Rockwell


1,6 kg


1,8 kg


2,0 kg


2,2 kg