If you want a well-kept garden or vegetable garden you should take care of the soil. We offer a wide range of hand tools to turn this into a joy. Whether planting, aerating or hoeing the soil, our robust and ergonomic hoes will help you get the job done smoothly. Hoes do not break or deform due to their one-piece structure. Yenal hoes are made of special alloy wear-resistant steel, are homogeneously hardened by heat treatment and are suitable for use in all types of soil.

We produce high quality products with high quality materials.

  • High quality special alloy steel.
  • Heat treatment is applied. Hardness value is 50 (+/- 5) *HRC.
  • Produced in one single piece, does not break.
  • High strength and elasticity against deformations and breakage.
  • Epoxy coated surface to prevent rust.
  • Dried beech or ash handle. Well grinded surface and comfortable usage.
Specially heat treated shovels do not break and deform under difficult conditions due to their strength and flexibility.


One Prong Weeding Hoe
Two Prong Weeding Hoe