Adze and Hammers

Yenal adze and hammers ensure masters to work efficiently and safely on construction sites. The adzes and hammers produced by considering the special demands and requirements of the professionals provide safe and effective striking performance thanks to the balanced weight distribution. While forging process increases the strength, hardened surfaces obtained by the induction technology show wear resistance against impacts.

We produce high quality products with high quality materials.

  • Original carbon steel.
  • Produced in one piece by forging technique.
  • Induction heat treatment is applied to both ends and hardened in a homogenous manner.
  • High strength against deformations and breakage.
  • Epoxy coated or varnished surface to prevent rust.
  • Dried beech or ash handle. Well grinded surface and comfortable usage.
The induction heat treatment has been applied to both ends of adze and hammers, homogeneous hardness has been given.