Notched Trowel
with Wooden Handle

  • Hardened spring steel or stainless steel blades.
  • Optimal flexibility to increase work accuracy and comfort.
  • Perfect coupling and strength between blade and handle with robotic stud welding technology.
  • Wooden handle provides natural, smooth and pleasant grip.
SM100135350,70120 x 3508 x 8Spring Steel12
SM100140400,70120 x 4008 x 8Spring Steel12
SM100150500,70120 x 5008 x 8Spring Steel12
SM101135350,70120 x 35010 x 10Spring Steel12
SM101140400,70120 x 40010 x 10Spring Steel12
SM101150500,70120 x 50010 x 10Spring Steel12
SM102135350,70120 x 35012 x 12Spring Steel12
SM102140400,70120 x 40012 x 12Spring Steel12
SM102150500,70120 x 50012 x 12Spring Steel12
SM120135350,70120 x 3508 x 8Stainless Steel12
SM120140400,70120 x 4008 x 8Stainless Steel12
SM120150500,70120 x 5008 x 8Stainless Steel12
SM121135350,70120 x 35010 x 10Stainless Steel12
SM121140400,70120 x 40010 x 10Stainless Steel12
SM121150500,70120 x 50010 x 10Stainless Steel12
SM122135350,70120 x 35012 x 12Stainless Steel12
SM122140400,70120 x 40012 x 12Stainless Steel12
SM122150500,70120 x 50012 x 12Stainless Steel12