Notched Trowel with Bi-Material
Plastic Handle – Open End

Its special design ensures full control over trowel. Thanks to this feature, tiling applications can be done more precisely and the workman can accomplish the desired finishing more easily. Hereby, the workman pleasantly performs his art and reaches to a precise application result.

Ergonomic design guarantees full grip and increases control over the trowel.

Differently defined pressure points and gripping positions ensures to obtain the desired result more comfortably and with higher precision.

It has a comfortable grip position and the increased soft tissue area provides comfortable grip in all conditions.

  • Hardened spring steel or stainless steel blades.
  • Optimal flexibility to increase work accuracy and comfort.
  • Perfect coupling and strength between blade and handle with robotic stud welding technology.
  • Specially designed bi-material handle that increases tool control and precision during work.

SM100330300,70120 x 3008 x 8Spring Steel12
SM100335350,70120 x 3508 x 8Spring Steel12
SM100340400,70120 x 4008 x 8Spring Steel12
SM101330300,70120 x 30010 x 10Spring Steel12
SM101335350,70120 x 35010 x 10Spring Steel12
SM101340400,70120 x 40010 x 10Spring Steel12
SM102330300,70120 x 30012 x 12Spring Steel12
SM102335350,70120 x 35012 x 12Spring Steel12
SM102340400,70120 x 40012 x 12Spring Steel12
SM120330300,70120 x 3008 x 8Stainless Steel12
SM120335350,70120 x 3508 x 8Stainless Steel12
SM120340400,70120 x 4008 x 8Stainless Steel12
SM121330300,70120 x 30010 x 10Stainless Steel12
SM121335350,70120 x 35010 x 10Stainless Steel12
SM121340400,70120 x 40010 x 10Stainless Steel12
SM122330300,70120 x 30012 x 12Stainless Steel12
SM122335350,70120 x 35012 x 12Stainless Steel12
SM122340400,70120 x 40012 x 12Stainless Steel12